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Hello, my name is Paige! (she/her) I am a 19 year old Computer Science student who's working on this somewhat as a personal project, and somewhat as a way to procrastinate all the other work I have to do. I do not necessarily have the experience of 90's culture that some other people here seem to do, but I've always had an appreciation for it and other retro aesthetics.

While traditional social media has gotten useful for tracking down exactly want you want, I've found that it has gotten substantially less customizable over the years. Hopefully, with hacking some HTML and CSS together, I can get the same experience I had putting random colors on my Youtube channel so many years ago.

Feel free to look at my Fanpages page for pages specifically made for specific interests of mine, my Blog page for other random ramblings, and my Links page for any fun websites I happen to come across!